How does that all work?

If you happen to find yourself needing one of our camper vans for your trip around BC ( and we hope you do!) here is what you need to know about the booking process:

  • Put your dates through to see which camper vans are still available
  • Choose your preferred one
  • Choose your add-ons and mandatory insurance
  • Tell us a bit about yourself and your plans
  • Send the booking request through

Once we receive your booking request we have 48hrs to confirm or decline it. When confirmed you'll receive an automated email to proceed with the payment of the reservation deposit 50% of the total amount.

Another 50% plus the refundable damage deposit ( $2000 ) is to be paid 14 days prior the rental starts. You'll receive a reminder from us so no need to keep that date in your mind.

We accept payments by Debit & Credit Cards and e-Transfers. Having majority of our renters from Europe we offer and option to pay via TransferWise. If this is your preferred way of payment just mention that in your booking request and we will provide you with our banking details.

We accept reservations made through our websites, by e-mail or phone. Don't hesitate to contact us with anything you may need to ask before starting the booking process.

Picking up your camper van


The pick up location is not far from Vancouver General Hospital, around 20mins drive from the airport. After you pay your reservation deposit and you start planning your trip we will share the exact pick up location with you and discuss all the details you may need for your arrival day. 

Pick up time is 2 PM.

If you want to pick up your camper van early you can choose that option in the add-ons. We will do our best to adjust the pick up time to your needs if the situation allows. 
You will meet Pavel and he'll do a walk-through and a detailed orientation with you. It may take up to 1hr so please reserve that time in your itinerary. A part of the orientation is also a short test drive. And then... you are good to go!

Returning your camper van


Drop off time is 11 AM.

If you know you' ll need to keep the camper van longer on the very last day you can choose that option in the add-ons. It just must be confirmed with us at the beginning of your reservation.
We will do a return walk-through and report any losses, damages (hopefully none!) or mileage charges. We will be happy to hear your stories and get your honest feedback.

Your security deposit will be returned to you within 3 days after you drop off the van.